Theorem Geo Associates

Evolving solutions for an evolving energy industry. TGA Services

Theorem Geo Associates

Bringing efficiency, profitability and added safety to the utility industry for over a decade through the use of data-driven technologies.

As an experienced and trusted partner, we create innovate solutions to the nuanced and complex problems of the industry including shoreline management, storm response, predictive outage modeling, meteorological impact analysis, vegetation management transmission & distribution and many others.

Let TGA’s data-driven analytics help you automate and streamline regulatory compliance, operations monitoring, emergency response and other business challenges you may be facing.

TGA Services 

Evolving solutions for an evolving energy industry.

Predictive Outage Modeling

Assemble, Simulate and Predict: Better emergency preparation through Predictive Outage Modeling.

Storm Preparation and Response

Storm Suite: A Comprehensive, Turnkey Red-Sky/Blue-Sky Solution Has Arrived

Meteorlogical Impact Analysis

Locate, Analyze, Decide: Know the projected weather related impacts in the locations you care about.


Shoreline Management Plan

Facilitate, Automate, Report: Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) Software as a Service (SaaS)

T & D Vegetation Management

Know Your Rights, Maintain Quality, Reduce Costs: Protect your investments.

FERC Hydro Compliance

Monitor, Maintain, Enhanced Compliance: Regulatory practices can sometimes be daunting.

sUAS Consulting Services

Plan, Fly, Analyze