Enabling secure, remote, data analytics and AI for your GPS-enabled video and images

Infrastructure companies need easy access to videos and images of their critical assets to meet compliance demands, evaluate and compare images against historical data, and quickly assess and react to emergency situations.

What is CartoVid?

  • Data Analytics & AI Platform
  • Scalable SaaS software in the Google Cloud Platform
  • Securely store, organize & view GPS-enabled videos, photos, LiDAR
  • Fast & easy upload & access from internal & external resources
  • Communicate, share & receive data with any users
  • Search & collaborate seamlessly
  • Complete data mining & analytics capabilities

Sources of Data Capture

  • Fleet vehicles using a dashcam
  • Drones (Terrestrial, Aerial, & Aquatic)
  • Boots on the ground – Mobile Apps or GoPros
  • Aerial Patrol (Helicopter or Fixed Wing)

Types of Video

  • HD (1080, 4k and 8k)
  • Infrared/Thermal
  • Multispectral (for vegetation health analysis)
  • LiDAR

CartoVid Use Case Examples

  • Asset & ROW Inspections
  • Vegetation Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Quick Capture & Dissemination of Storm Damage
  • Safety Training Videos
  • Staging Site Pre/Post Condition
  • PSC Audit Documentation
  • Identifying High-Risk Vegetation – Read case study

Data Mining & Analytics

Zoom & Annotate for O&M Efficiencies

  • Project participants can get a closer look at an object 
  • Make notations directly on the video to record and highlight spatially specific observations
  • Create actionable records to incorporate into GIS mappings

Object Detection & Condition Detection

  • Detect and deliver actionable insights
  • Define, identify, and locate critical points and specific objects to speed planning and resolution

CartoVid Project Management Capabilities

The intuitive CartoVid UI offers a number of capabilities to manage team-level access to visual data to drive efficient collaboration and data-driven decision-making among diverse groups.

Project Manager

A Project is a container, similar to a network folder, for data and information storage, media history, and participant data. User permissions are created at the Project level.

Secure Access

CartoVid allows project leaders to grant access to individuals or groups, inside and outside an organization, to integrated tools and functions for safe and secure data access, sharing, and collaboration.

Question & Comment

Using CartoVid, authorized individuals can directly ask questions, make comments and point out concerns to an individual, a select group, or all project participants.

Pause & Zoom Observations

Pause and zoom video to inspect objects. Make notations directly on the video. Highlight spatially specific observations, and create actionable records that can be incorporate into GIS mappings.

Share & Copy with Internal & External Users

Project owners can share video content with partners while retaining ownership of all the content. They can also provide others with their own copies of the video.

Capture & Retain History

CartoVid captures and retains a media history of each project, complete with participant comments, observations, questions, and markups. This audit trail provides a visual record of an asset and the surrounding area at any phase of a project or over the life of an asset to enable comparative analyses. This record can be especially valuable for compliance audits.

Object & Condition Detection

Object Detection is an extension of CartoVid that detects and delivers actionable insights. Users can define, identify, and locate critical points and specific objects to speed planning and resolution.

Do you want to see what CartoVid can do?

A live demonstration is essential to see the CartoVId capabilities in action. Schedule a 20-minute demo, you’ll be glad you did!