Flood Risk Notification System

Delivering advanced warnings to mitigate flood risk.

FRNS is a flood forecasting model that estimates flood risk based on meteorological and geographic information systems – GIS factors, providing advanced notification when risk is forecasted.

Monitor Critical Assets or Locations

Assess Flood Risk of Each Asset or Location

  • Identify assets to classify & monitor e.g. substations, staging sites, company facilities & buildings, any individual asset, or specific location
  • Develop initial risk profile for each asset

Real Time Analysis & Notification System

  • Indicates which asset could be at risk of flooding based on stream gauge data

Forecast Model & Notification System

  • Proprietary meteorological and spatial analytics model

Receive Automatic Alert System

How It Works:

  • Ingests various meteorological models to compute risk
  • Proprietary spatial & meteorological analytics
  • Runs 4x a day
  • Asset, risk level, and date/time determined


  • Predict forecast risks of asset
  • Indicates which assets could potentially flood
  • Automated SMS/email to provided contacts

Assessment Factors

Layers/Factors to develop risk profile

  • Floodplain
  • Proximity to water bodies
  • Slope
  • Elevation
  • Natural/man made structures

Risk Calculated For Each Asset

  • Tiered rating system used

Ready to do something?

A demo is essential to see Flood Risk Notification System (FRNS) capabilities in action. Schedule a 20-minute demo, you’ll be glad you did!