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TG Solutions for

Lake Services

& Water Strategy

How Theorem Geo can help you.

Utilities have a myriad of issues to manage when it comes to hydro related activities. Our tools and services can automate and assist with FERC reporting, licensing and compliance including SMP, permitting, and aquatic weed detection.

Solution Suites for Lake Services & Water Strategy

Disaster Response: Logistics Suite

Logistics cross platform software for field and management coordination with a focus on disaster preparation and response.

Disaster Response: Operations Suite

Need help with your aerial operations during a storm response? Check this out. 

Software for Lake Services & Water Strategy


Spatial Media Management Platform that binds video with its spatial location giving your organization and partner organizations collaborative multidimensional insights to their world.


Automation of actionable insight and data collection of CartoVid data through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning integration.

DR (Disaster Response) Tool

Logistic Platform to Plan, Execute and report on your disaster Response and EAP (Emergency Action Plan) events.

Flood Risk & Notification System (FRNS)

The Flood Risk and Notification System is a regularly updated model that estimates flood risk based on both meteorological and GIS factors and sends customized alerts to personnel dependent on risk level.

Services for Lake Services & Water Strategy

Customized Mapping Solution Integrations

Let us understand your needs and build a mapping system tailored to you.

FERC Hydro Compliance

Ensure your operations are compliant with FERC license and other regulatory obligations.

Ground Patrol Data Collection (DR/Esri)

The ground patrol project provides for a means of mobile data collection and communication for fieldworkers conducting Ground-level inspection of transmission assets.

Picture Map

A vetted process for taking pictures on your mobile device in a helicopter patrol and send it straight to a map in the command centers showing the picture and where the picture was taken.

Road Closure Navigation

Driving and routing application to support navigation during disasters.