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TG Solutions for

Regulatory Compliance

How Theorem Geo can help you.

Regulatory fines can have cascading impacts on financial and operational performance. Ensure you have the tools and services for proper reporting, compliance, and audit capabilities in place for EAP events to address PSC, FEMA, FERC, NERC, or other regulatory inquiries.

Solution Suites for Regulatory Compliance


Disaster Response: Logistics Suite

Logistics cross platform software for field and management coordination with a focus on disaster preparation and response.


Transmission Mapping Suite

Products and Services that will support your Transmission Department thrive with the help of geospatial analytics.


Disaster Response: Operations Suite

Need help with your aerial operations during a storm response? Check this out. 


Aerial Patrol Mapping Suite

Manage your electric/gas aerial patrols more effectively and efficiently with this suite of aviation products and services.

Software for Regulatory Compliance


Spatial Media Management Platform that binds video with its spatial location giving your organization and partner organizations collaborative multidimensional insights to their world.

Services for Regulatory Compliance


Asset Changeout Logistics

Prioritize your asset management by using all the factors at your fingertips.


FERC Hydro Compliance

Ensure your operations are compliant with FERC license and other regulatory obligations.


Flight Route Optimization

Currently, flight routing for line inspections are still being done manually, utilizing routing solutions generated from network analysis this process can be done more efficiently.


Flight Completion Analysis

Here's a way to show you what you've patrolled so far and what you haven't with great accuracy.


Ground Patrol Data Collection (DR/Esri)

The ground patrol project provides for a means of mobile data collection and communication for fieldworkers conducting Ground-level inspection of transmission assets.


Helicopter Damage Points, Explorer

The Aerial Patrol project provides a means for mobile data collection using ESRI’s Explorer platform, and is currently being utilized in helicopters across the Duke Transmission enterprise for aerial asset inspections.


Outage Analytics

The Outage Analytics Dashboard spatially explains past outage events both from an exact location and line perspective to inform management where outages occur and outage trends.


Parcel Acquisition Support

Need parcel boundaries and ownership data from various public datasets? Let us make it simple for you. 


Terrain Hazard Mapping

Let us analyze your ROWs for terrain hazards such as ditches, slopes and water bodies.


Video Acquisition Mgmt.

Video Acquisition is the direct support for camera operators, memory card delivery, return and post processing.


Wildfire Risk Notification System (WRNS)

The wildfire monitoring web mapping application allows users to assess the risk wildfires pose to their assets.