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Shoreline Management Plan

Shoreline Management Plan(SMP) Software as a Service (SaaS)


Software Suite allows property owner to apply for license digitally.


Complete process allows for online collaboration and approval of license.


Upon approval of license SMP FERC reporting is generated.

How Theorem Geo can help.

Theorem Geo‘s Shoreline Management Plan Software Suite automates, simplifies, and reduces the costs involved in most current application and FERC reporting processes. Our software allows shoreline licensees to customize and automate all facets of shoreline development, environmental management, code enforcement, and fee distribution.  Choose from our standard platform or customize the software to meet your needs.

The Shoreline Management Plan software utilizes a designated secure website and app environment to capture necessary information (from online payment transfers to document storage) required to automate the property owner/licensee process. This reduces the need for internal human capital oversight, while capturing all necessary code enforcement data and documentation to successfully complete SMP FERC reporting.

In addition to the convenience of an automated process and online data and document storage, Theorem Geo also offers Licensees app enabled features to access and/or collect additional information remotely through their app enabled device.


SMP Value

Historical reporting data, GIS mapping, and UAS (drone) monitoring creates a comprehensive video and data library for automated reporting, and compliance requirements. Online portal streamlines application submittals and allows for paperless permitting.

Theorem Geo’s SMP platform provides a complete outsourced solution for FERC and other agency compliance requirements for utility hydro project oversight and reporting that results in dramatically enhanced efficiency, time and cost-savings while improving employee safety.


Web Features

  • Secure online payment transactions as well as document transfer and cloud based document storage.
  • Automatically distributes fees amongst the various licensing and governmental entities.
  • Ability to track shoreline classification statistics in real-time for SMP-related purposes.
  • Capable pf providing automated FERC and SMP Reporting.
  • Licensees will have the ability to communicate (individual or mass communication) via email/text with the property owner about ongoing concerns (ie. High/low water event, mosquito/aquatic controls etc.)

App Features

  • Work Order distribution and precise driving directions
  • GPS enabled field data capture
  • Take and upload pictures (pre and post construction)
  • Report compliance issues and safety hazards with GPS enabled location identification
  • Post Build Inspection Reporting