St Petersburg, FL

Theorem Geo Associates helped one of their primary clients attain a significant milestone in their Smart Grid Initiative – the first substation was successfully commissioned.

On June 21, after two full days of activity in both the field and at the Client Site lab, run by Theorem Geo’s leading expert on Smart Grid, Sacha Fontaine, the individual projects came together to verify that equipment at focus substation is communicating over the company dedicated fiber network to the new Distribution SCADA system.

“After many months of hard work by the project teams, it was very exciting to see our new system work end to end, from databases through our new DSCADA system across our new GridWAN through the telecom interface equipment into the D-RTUs and finally out to the substation” exclaimed the client DSDR Major Project Manager.

This project will result in the client having enhanced reliability and the capacity to make faster operational decisions, increase distribution efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.