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T & D Vegetation Management

Protect your investment.

Know Your Rights

Map easements and conveniently locate land agreements to facilitate vegetation management programs.


Maintain Quality

Utilize our GIS consultants to map areas of concern within your transmission and distribution corridors. In addition, our GIS consultants are qualified to participate in aerial helicopter ride-alongs in order to spot and digitally locate dangerous trees during routine flights.

Reduce Costs

Analyze captured data to define and optimize vegetation management and treatment schedules.

How Theorem Geo can help.

Allow our team to reduce overall T&D Vegetation Management expenditures by identifying problem areas during routine aerial inspections, providing optimized clearing and cutting schedules, and maintaining an up to date digital record capturing the overall health of your transmission and distribution corridors.


Cost Savings

Work Planning and Management

Theorem Geo takes a geospatial approach to work planning and asset management. In many cases, Vegetation Management Transmission and Distribution teams work independently of each other. By locating the overlap of T&D assets and coordinating the work between teams, significant cost-savings are realized and customer impacts are reduced.

Mobile Application Support and Development

As a new mobile application was under development, Theorem Geo assisted our client in adding geospatial capabilities. By including GIS technologies, the mobile application is spatially based, which enhances work execution efficiency.


Focus on Safety

Terrain Safety Along High-Voltage Lines

Utility companies periodically ride along their right-ofways utilizing various vehicle types. A terrain analysis of projected routes identifies specific safety risks along the route and categorizes the route’s overall safety rating. Having this information ahead of time assists in pre-planning efforts and can prevent injury or death.

Helicopter Safety Alert Tool

High-voltage conductors are routinely visually reviewed for vegetation or other encroachments, often by flying a helicopter along the line from above. Various impediments cause major safety risks on those flights, such as other high-voltage lines crossing above the line being reviewed. Theorem Geo has deployed a tool to audibly alert pilots approaching these hazards. Read more about our Helicopter Safety Alert Tool.


Support Capabilities

Corridor Build (GIS Features and Attributes)

Theorem Geo assisted our client in an extensive conductor corridor build. Through this process, the industry became more knowledgeable about electric assets, including a more precise geographic location. Other utility attributes were identified and captured: roadside, overlap of multiple conductors, underbuild of lesser voltages, widths of right-of-ways and clearances. This analysis was fully-performed in an office environment – saving time and cost. Let us help you.

IBM’s Maximo

As the basis of the utility industry’s work management system, Theorem Geo helped enhance the platform’s capabilities by assisting in the integration of GIS. The implementation of these geospatial technologies during development allowed better work execution and efficiencies using a mobile application for field duties.

Trusted to Lead Training and Development

Multiple Theorem Geo employees were asked by our client to develop and lead training courses for a new work management system being deployed enterprise-wide. As a contract-based company, we take that as a compliment.