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About Andrew

Andrew Clark, Project Manager at Theorem Geo

Hello! My name is Andrew Clark and my official title is Project Manager, but I feel blessed that Theorem Geo allows me the opportunity to gain experiences outside of my current skill set. My technical background is in GIS and spatial technologies, and I enjoy being able to relate data to physical locations.

I hope to continue increasing my Project Management skills and abilities, but here is some more interesting information about me:

    I always want the window seat on a plane.

  • Am a huge college football fan.
  • Great sense of direction.
  • City Planner by heart.
  • I do the cooking, but somehow I also do the dishes..???
  • Enjoy creating websites, but don’t have anything interesting to create a website about.
  • Favorite board game: Risk
  • Would rather jot a note by hand instead of electronically.
  • If I leave my umbrella at home, it will definitely rain.