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About Bryce 

Bryce Grimes, GIS Technician at Theorem Geo

My name is Bryce Grimes and I joined the Theorem Geo team in August of 2019 as a GIS Technician. In this position, I mostly help with one of our projects for Duke Energy that involves maintaining up-to-date parcel data for their real estate group.

I graduated from Radford University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Science, with a concentration in Geoinformatics. I am originally from Princeton, WV, but I grew up in Wytheville, VA.

A few of my interests include exercising, golf, disc golf, and basically anything involving sports, competition, and outdoor activities. Hopefully I will continue to grow my knowledge of Geographic Information Systems and help Theorem Geo grow as a company. Eventually, I hope to help with the more complex analysis projects that Theorem Geo works on.