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About Cody

Cody Yeager, Geospatial Consultant & UAS Pilot at Theorem Geo

I have twelve years of experience providing a variety of GIS services in the public and private sectors.  I began my career at Theorem Geo in 2011, providing GIS support for a large utility company.  My role in the company has allowed me to form working relationships with a large number of clients in various operational spheres within the utility industry.  Previously, I provided geodatabase design and management services in support of federally regulated groundwater monitoring for a large chemical company.

I completed my degree Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2004, with a focus on urban regional analysis and retail location.  During my time at UNCC my research interests included Critical Infrastructure Protection and Planning in conjunction with the College of Computing and Informatics as well as GIS-based riparian buffer analysis.

Through my work at Theorem Geo I have been able to develop skills in a variety of aspects related to GIS, including field data collection, hosted GIS services, the utilization of UAS (drones) for remote data collection, location analysis, and route optimization for assets in the field.  I have had the good fortune to be involved in many of the projects Theorem Geo has embarked on throughout my tenure with the company.