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About Jimmy

Jimmy Clements, CFO & Board Member at Theorem Geo

Jimmy Clements lives in Raleigh, NC and helps startup teams create and implement simple and effective financial tools and processes. He believes that while financial analysis is often understated in the startup world, it is by far one of the most important tools that teams can utilize to better understand their cash runway, overall profitability and roadmap for future strategic initiatives. Jimmy has a passion for entrepreneurship and enjoys working with creative and motivated people. Jimmy has helped growing companies build out their accounting and reporting infrastructure, lead corporate budgeting and forecasting processes as well as develop profitability models to help teams understand their product offerings on a much deeper level.

Jimmy holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Florida and a Masters of Science in Accounting from Wake Forest University. In his free time, he enjoys taking his dogs to the park, rock climbing with his wife and playing board games with friends.