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About Joe

Joe Hall, Lake Services Coordinator at Theorem Geo

Joe has been involved extensively with lake use permitting, shoreline management planning, and hydro relicensing for over thirty (30) years. Before his retirement from Duke Energy he was the Director of Lake Services.within the Water Strategy, Hydro Licensing and Lake Services team.

During his tenure with Duke Energy, Joe and his team worked with Theorem Geo for over ten years. During that time Theorem Geo provided lake use permitting database development, maintenance, and support along with enhancements and maintenance to all facets of the lake services team’s reliance upon Geographic Information System and remote sensing in the day-to-day comprehensive management of the lake’s shorelines and lake neighbor access to these important resources.

Joe joined Theorem Geo in 2017 and has continued to be involved in lake use permitting, marina lease renewals, aquatic invasive species detection, and reservoir drawdown analysis and lake access impacts.