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TGA featured in the Charlotte Business Journal

Theorem Geo Associates are featured in the Charlotte Business Journal’s article “What Charlotte needs to drive energy startups”.

“John Eddins started what eventually became the energy-related startup Theorem Geo Associates in 2006 because he really hated his job.

“It was just me with a cat, a dog and a wife as cheerleaders,” he remembers. What began as a business intelligence company has grown into a two-dozen employee operation that develops tools for predicting outages, storm response, vegetation management and other services for the utility industry.

Duke Energy Corp. has been a customer for years, starting with mathematical modeling developed for Duke’s hydro-licensing applications with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Theorem Geo designed tools for Duke to use in evaluating its now-abandoned plans for the Lee Nuclear Station.

Theorem Geo has now worked with 20 divisions inside Duke. The big score came in 2017, when Eddins’ team built CartoVid, a website for disaster response to assist Duke with analyzing potential problems and logistics for repair-crew staging during Hurricane Irma.

This year, Theorem Geo is adding Atlanta’s The Southern Co. to its client roster.

“I think it will be a high-growth year,” says Eddins, whose team works out of Packard Place. “We expect to be at 30 people by the end of the year.”

Success stories for startups can be rare enough. But Theorem Geo’s story is even rarer because Charlotte, for all its work at establishing itself as the hub for a national energy cluster in the Carolinas, has never cracked the code for encouraging energy-related startup companies.”

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