(Unmanned Aerial Systems)



Identify the project objectives, acquire necessary permissions, and avoid potential hazards and FAA restrictions.


Safely conduct and meet objectives using our experienced, FAA Part 107 licensed UAS pilots.



Produce job specific deliverables based on your company’s needs.

How Theorem Geo Associates can help.


Theorem Geo has the capability to meet your aerial needs. Under the FAA’s new operational rules for commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), our FAA Part 107 Licensed pilots will plan the operation, fly, and then process or analyze the information collected all while making safety and adherence to FAA regulations the top priorities. The recent transition from standard aircraft to Unmanned Aerial Systems allows us to cut costs and improve efficiency for tasks such as asset risk assessments, post event analysis, aerial photography and videography, environmental site analysis, project monitoring, and more. Please contact us so that we may assist you with all of your aerial needs.