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sUAS Consulting Services

(Unmanned Aerial Systems)


Identify the project objectives, acquire necessary permissions, and avoid potential hazards and FAA restrictions.


Safely conduct and meet objectives using our experienced, FAA Part 107 licensed UAS pilots.


Produce job specific deliverables based on your company’s needs.

How Theorem Geo can help.

Theorem Geo has the capability to meet your aerial needs. Under the FAA’s new operational rules for commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), our FAA Part 107 Licensed pilots will plan the operation, fly, and then process or analyze the information collected all while making safety and adherence to FAA regulations the top priorities. The recent transition from standard aircraft to Unmanned Aerial Systems allows us to cut costs and improve efficiency for tasks such as asset risk assessments, post event analysis, aerial photography and videography, environmental site analysis, project monitoring, and more. Please contact us so that we may assist you with all of your aerial needs.


General Geospatial Services

  • KML file creations for ATC waypoint requests
  • Shapefile creations of any spatial data
  • Exporting into multitude of formats
  • Simple to complex geospatial analytic needs
  • Custom system creation for specific needs
  • Consultation of LiDAR programs
  • Preflight documentation automation

Flight Route / Landing Zone Analysis / Remote Sensing

Find optimal flight route using GIS

  • Less battery waste and less time waste

Analyze individual LZ’s within hours of request

  • Terrain slope analysis of LZ
  • <3 meter resolution anywhere in USA

Hyperspectral, PhoDAR and LiDAR support

Plant species and land cover identification


Wire Hazard Safety Program

Geospatially locate the coordinates of 75-90% of the wire hazards in flight routes from a computer

  • Hazards Include: transmission wire crossings, cell towers, radio towers
  • Continuous maintenance of the hazard database

Implementation of Hazard Proximity Alert System

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Remote location capability and customizable radii
  • Customizable audio tones, Unlimited hazard locations

Consultation on marker ball programs


Helicopter & sUAS Avoidance System

Helicopter and sUAS Avoidance System for Storm Situations

  • sUAS proximity to helicopter alerts when working together
  • Warns sUAS pilot to reduce altitude

Storm Response Resource Allocation

  • Knowledge of utility use cases for sUAS in storm restoration
  • Pre-determine areas of sUAS need such as flood plains
  • Analyze centralized locations for pilots to be deployed to

Smartphone App Configurations

ArcGIS Explorer Smartphone App

  • Can configure the app to be accessible for pilots to show any assets during flight
  • Can show any additional data or details

ArcGIS Collector Smartphone App

  • Can configure for general data acquisition
  • Easily adaptable for various projects